The LEARN|INFORM|RECRUIT website is an information and education portal dedicated specifically to community urology practices. The website offers urologists the opportunity to enroll their practices in the program, communicate with the research team and provide feedback to the project, and access print and online patient materials specifically tailored to their practice.


We developed the LEARN|INFORM|RECRUIT toolkit to integrate with the way you practice and, ultimately, to help you and your patients weigh clinical trials among available treatment options. Printed and multimedia materials, created in partnership with community urologists, help inform patients about clinical trials, and facilitate these discussions. We designed specific instruments to make it easier to communicate with trial investigators and co-manage when a patient decides to participate in a trial.

Community urologists tell us the LEARN|INFORM|RECRUIT toolkit is right for their practice. It helps them match the right patient to the right treatment, differentiates their practice from others, and helps them provide guideline-concordant, patient-centered care.

Most clinical trials are conducted at academic health centers or NCI-designated cancer centers, but these cover only 14% of all cancer patients in the US, therefore new approaches and tools are needed to bring clinical trial opportunities to the 86% of patients who do not get their care in these specialized centers.

For the last couple of years, the LEARN | INFORM | RECRUIT project has been a constant presence at academic and industry conferences, sharing our findings with physicians, researchers and administrators.

We are a dedicated team of health management, public health, urology, oncology and communication practitioners and researchers. We work closely with community urologists and patient advocates organization to increase patient access to cancer clinical trials.


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