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Do you know that 20% of all cancer patients have urological cancers? The National Comprehensive Cancer Network clinical practice guidelines recommend all cancer patients be managed within a clinical trial when one is available, but only about 5% of cancer patients participate in clinical trials, therefore slowing down our ability to bring new treatment options to physicians and their patients. Most cancer patients say they didn’t participate in a trial because they were never offered the opportunity, and very few physicians have the tools to offer patients the choice to enroll in clinical trials.

We are working to change the status quo by developing specific tools to facilitate patient engagement with urological cancer clinical trials, while making it easy and less time consuming for urologists.

Please watch Dr. Thrasher’s compelling argument as to why enrolling urological patients into cancer clinical trials is important.


We believe that community urology practices present important opportunities to extend the reach of cancer clinical trials. With the right type of support and education, community urologists and staff could play expanded roles in advancing medicine and increasing treatment options for cancer patients. Thus, implementation strategies which address the determinants of clinical trials offered among rural urologists are potentially viable.

Please listen to Dr. Shellie Ellis, Principal Investigator of the LEARN|INFORM|RECRUIT project outline our goals and intervention

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